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Visit any rock concert, any cowboy town, any american city and you’re guaranteed to find someone with a zippo.




Because they’re built like tanks, timeless and more american than apple pie.  Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, James Dean and Marlon Brando all had ‘em.  And so would James Bond if he wasn’t contractually obliged to only carry UK made goods.


As long as there have been Zippo’s, people have been customizing them.  Painting, welding, anodizing and for the more ambitious, chopping.


And that’s exactly what we did with ours.


We started with a brass Zippo which we disassembled.


We then de-welded the spot where the hinge meets the body.


From there, we cut the body, case and flint holder in our machine shop.


We then used a tap to rethread the flint holder.


We rewelded the hinge to the body, shortened the flint spring and reinstalled all the guts.


Next we laser engraved our logo on the side at hight temperature to get a ‘burnt’ look.


And voila.  You’ve got a brand new brass Chopper Zippo by Pilecki Goods.


Wether you’re cutting down on weight, collecting or just have good style you will be glad you got our custom hand made chopper Zippo.


Custom Machined Pilecki Goods Zippo

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