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      I run Pilecki Goods out of a small workshop in Santa Monica, CA.  I started in military surplus and specialty equipment sales nearly two decades ago.  Every so often I'd get requests for specialized gear for specialized tasks.  That led me to design and small batch manufacturing which, in turn, led me to building my own everyday carry gear. 


     My goal with Pilecki Goods is to make custom, built to last everyday carry gear that will last a lifetime.  I tend to like unique, heritage style, usefull gear and prefer quality to quantity.  If those characteristics resonate with you, I'm sure you'll love our gear.

     Making new gear can be time and labor intensive and a bit challenging at times but the process of designing and making our own products is well worth the effort.  If you've ever built something by hand (a  car, a knife, a doghouse, a good meal, etc.) you know the feeling.


     I'm commited to Pilecki Goods being a brand that makes small batch everyday carry items and accessories that you can be proud of owning.  There's no mass manufacturing, no outsourcing to slave wage countries, no "planned obsolescence" and no fly-by-night styles.  Pilecki Goods is about good quality, timeless style, unique design and usefullness.


     Thanks for checking us out and be sure to sign up for new product notifications.

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