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     Pilecki Goods is a small workshop out of California.  We make well designed Every Day Carry items that last. Good design is a balance of form and function.  Usually, form follows function but sometimes, the aesthetics are part of the purpose and the form is the function.

     Some of our favorite designs are the most timeless ones: Zippo’s, 1911’s Randall Knives and Defenders.  Those are some of the brands we draw our inspiration from.  Often times our products are collaborations with or modifications to gear from established brands.  That’s because sometimes we find gear that’s so damn good, all it takes is a tweak or two to make it perfect.


     What we’re proudest of is our customers.  We’ve had everyone from stockbrokers to Navy SEALS to plumbers as our customers.  I like to think that our customer profile tends to be dudes that get stuff done and appreciate good design.

     Pilecki Goods is our passion project where we get to imagine, design and deliver new products.  We hope you join us on our journey and can promise that you’ll be glad you did.

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