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Introducing the Badger Band.


The Badger Band is a perfect solution for mounting your wrist mounted nav equipment and 18mm or 19mm watches.  Can also fit anything else that fits on the molle mounting system.


Built with Berry Compliant, Mil-Spec webbing, Austrialpin Buckles and Kevlar thread.


Solidly fits on any wrist or over your wetsuit or clothing. 


Easily and securely secure your watch or equipment to it with a molle type mounting system.


Austrialpin Buckles make one handed quick release a breeze.


The bar to make mil spec is low but the Badger Band hops that bar.


It’s no beauty queen, it’s a Badger Band.


The Story:

In 2008 I got a request to make 36 quick release bands for wrist mounting Garmin GPS’s. 

My bid was crazy high (shy of $300) because it was small batch and the Kevlar thread was tough to sew with but I won the bid and the feedback I got was crazy good.

It was simple, tough and functional.

It was light, easy to remove and built like a tank (Western, not Soviet tank).

Fast forward and I got a few pics sent to me of the guys wearing our gear off the field with their watches.

And that’s how the Badger Band was born.


Badger Band

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