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        Cyrus comes from Santa Monica, California.  Cyrus’s design sensibilities are CLASSIC.  He believes whatever you’ve got should last one lifetime and then be handed down to the next generation to stick around for another one.  He’s an old school guy that prefers wood burning fireplaces to gas and single prop airplanes to jets.  Interests include, marksmanship, dog training, scotch tasting, reading and the outdoors.  Cyrus’s Contributions to Pilecki Goods are Design and Partnership selection.  He also provides ball throwing services for Soco, the company mascot.

Car: 1987 Diesel Landrover D90.

Favorite Fictional Superhero:  Jason Bourne.

Metal:  Brass.

Color:  Grey.

Lunch With a Historical Figure:  Leonardo Da Vinci.

Favorite City:  Severe case of wanderlust prevents him from answering.  

Write with Pen Pencil or Keyboard:    Pen.

One Music Album on a Desert Island:  A Love Supreme - John Coltrane.

Favorite Book:  The Count of Monte Cristo.

House is Burning and You Can Grab One Item:  Soco, my dog. 

Any Pets:  Soco, a Belgian Malinoise.

        Sasan hails from Toronto Canada and grew up moving back and forth from Iran.  His design sensibilities can be summed up in one word.  PRACTICAL.  Anything you use should work every time and overtime.  This translates to a good mix of classic and contemporary design that is based purely on the merits of it’s functionality and reliability.  Interests include botany, politics, Science, brewing and anything do-it-yourself related, outdoors, nature.  Sassan’s contributions to Pilecki Goods are designed related (from website to product design) as well as anything else that is ‘new to us’.   If something needs to be figured out, Sassan is the man to do it.


Favorite Car: 1970 280 SE Mercedes Benz Coupe.

Favorite fictional superhero:  Sherlock Holmes.

Metal:  Copper.

Color:  Navy Blue.

Lunch with a Historical Figure:  Winston Churchill.

Favorite City:  Tehran + Toronto = Tehranto. 

Write with Pen, Pencil or Keyboard:    Pen.

One Music Album on a Desert Island:  Ghost Stories - Coldplay.

Favorite Book:  Doesn't play favorites when it comes to sources of knowledge.

House is Burning and You Can Grab One Item:  Watch.

Any Pets:  A squirrel that comes by twice daily to be fed.

         Soco was born in Indio, California but is proud of his Belgian ancestry.  Soco’s design sensibilities are MINIMALIST.  His philosophy boils down to “If you cant eat it or hump it, piss on it and walk away”.  Interests include tennis balls, peeing on things, cuddling, chasing small animals and chewing things.  Soco’s contributions to Pilecki Goods are morale boosting, break time management and petting manager.


Car: Anything convertible.

Favorite Fictional Superhero:  Max.

Metal:  No.  Only wood. 

Color:  What’s that?

Lunch With Any Historical figure: Francis Bacon (he sounds like he comes from a delicious family).

Favorite City:  Anywhere where the pack is.   

Write with Pen Pencil or Keyboard:    Enjoys chewing all of them equally.

One Music Album on a Desert Island:  That noise that fire engines make, played on loop.

Favorite Book:  All books are equally chew-able. 

House is Burning and You Can Grab One Item:  Tennis Ball.

Any Pets:  Cyrus, a human.

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